How many of these do you violate?

Of course, I'm talking about bad UI design conventions. In the strictest sense, you should be violating them all! Don't you love grammatical algebra? Double negatives (and triple negatives) give most people trouble with the imagined ambiguity, but since my children with autism use perfect grammatical algebraic notation (when they choose to speak), I've learned to accept the mathematical certainty that "No not taking a bath!" means "I want to take a bath no matter what you [Dad] say." But I digress...

The Code Project's newsletters usually have good links in them, although it seems that Jordan has disappeared without warning. (If you've left CP, we'll miss ya', Jordan! It's not too many newsletter editors that actually answer email in a timely fashion!) This morning's "Insider" had a link to Golden Rules for Bad User Interfaces. As I type, I'm starting to think the real question of all developers should be, "How often do you do these things?" I know that I'm personally glad that Outlook 2007 seems to have moved most of its work off the UI thread!

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