Proofreading as a Smell

The title of this post is dedicated to old high school buddies and a slacker class that they (we) took for the easy A. We [fondly?] referred to this class as "Drawing as a Smell." Our stone tablet transcripts officially list this course title as "Drawing as a Skill." Ah, those were the days.

This little trip down memory lane was prompted by the irritating group of bloggers (seems to be most of them these days) who subscribe to the publish-then-edit school of blogging. The devotees of the edit-then-publish school seem to be few indeed. How can I tell? I'm getting many, many duplicates from certain feeds that shall remain nameless. It would be groovy if y'all could learn to proofread first and then hit publish. The RSS Feeds in my Inbox would sure appreciate it!! At the current rate, I will exceed my Inbox limit every other day. 🙁

[A certain product manager that I used to work with in a previous life will weep in astonishment when she learns that I have succumbed to the lure of Word for editing virtually all documents.]

While extemporizing from my edit-then-publish soapbox, I will now attempt to demonstrate the feat of publishing a blog post from inside Word 2007. (If I wanted to, I could even lookup extemporize before I used it to make sure that my usage was correct.) Voila!

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