Houston, we have Bluetooth on Vista! And Power ISO works nicely.

As the title might suggest, the very beta and very unsigned Bluetooth stack is excellent. Works like a charm. Since Daemon Tools are apparently on vacation for this build (Vista 5472 ~ something weird about not being able to start in Daemon Tools kernel mode), I am happy to report that Power ISO is fully functional (so far). At least it lets me mount my ISO images and get stuff installed. I’m glad I bought Power ISO a while back.

Virtual Server R2 was my first test of installing from an ISO, and it worked after some tweaks to the default IIS installation. I created a CMD file to launch the admin website, since there doesn’t seem to be a Run as Administrator option for *.url files. Just put start iexplore http://localhost/VirtualServer/vswebapp.exe in a *.cmd file on your desktop and right click | Run as Administrator whenever you need to use it. A got a whole brand new Windows XP RTM virtual image installed just for practice. One weird thing is that the wireless card on my M4 doesn’t seem to be available as an option for the network card under R2 when configuring an image. That seems to be a currently known failure point. Ouch. Who the heck plugs into LAN-lines anymore? Have to go look for help on that one or my virtual images will be forever unplugged... not good. Maybe ICS can save the day.

SQL Server 2005 was next. It complains about not working without SP2, but since I don’t know if a whole lot of SP2 code has been written yet, I figured I’d ignore it and continue with SP1 and the Post-SP1 Hotfix Rollup. A couple hiccoughs along the way, but we finally got installed. I’ll fire up some SSIS packages that I’m working on and attach the REAL databases and see if I run into anything funky while my wife watches The Closer (and I pretend not to) this evening.

I’m still lovin’ Outlook 2007. Not a single Outlook-related crash all day. (Other unrelated stuff freaked out, but Outlook was rock-solid the whole time.) Yeehaw!

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