Update Your BOL & Samples

If you're not paying attention to the right blogs, newsgroups or email newsletters, you're probably not aware of the following for the entire SQL Server 2005 product suite:

Post-SP1 Hotfix Rollup

BOL Updates (July 2006)

Sample Updates (July 2006)

If you're investigating the most rockin' (updated) Project REAL examples, you'll want the hotfix rollup (especially for the Integration Services bits).

Just a word to the wise, be sure to update your sample databases when you update your BOL because some of the new examples will give "unexpected results" when run against the old AdventureWorks databases.

The entire BOL, sample code and sample databases got revved on 20 July 2006... and you definitely want the new stuff! Especially in the Analysis Services and MDX quadrant. Carl did yeoman's work and got a huge number of them updated; something like 80% of the MDX syntax entries have been improved, upgraded and now include clear examples of usage. Also be sure to check out the new features added to ASCMD.

Most cool beans.

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