The one BI-ready feature that will sell the most Vista to C-level executives

Part of the Better Together demo this week of Vista and Office 2007 included one little gadget that I think should be a part of every BI presentation to customers between now and when Vista ships. What would that one little feature be that could leverage SQL Server BI technologies to pull in more next-version desktop o/s licenses? (It's usually the other way around or not necessarily related, right?)


There was a little, unobtrusive desktop gadget in the corner of the demo machine's desktop that is The Thing. It looked like a fuel gauge (but it could just as easily be another familiar visualization). It was a KPI indicator. The needle was tipping toward Empty and called attention to itself. Clicking through it lead directly to a scorecard hosted in MOSS 2007...


An executive doesn't even have to go view the corporate scorecard every morning to know how his business is doing. His desktop can now give him a succinct, up-to-date and intelligent view of his key performance indicators at a glance, every time he boots up and logs onto his PC. The Windows Vista desktop is poised to become the new corporate dashboard.


Sure you could do somethings similar now on XP, but how many IT departments want to support installing yet another goofy little 3rd-party app for C-level execs? But if it's integrated into the o/s and only takes a one-click install get the gadget and point it at SharePoint or Scorecard Manager...?


And by the way, Jim, I heard you... I'm making a backup of my M4 right now so that I can take the Vista plunge tomorrow before TR is over. (When Jim Allchin politely asks you to install the o/s beta, how can you say no? Heh.) I'm a little nervous, but since Virtual Server R2 seems to be stable on Vista now, I think I'll be OK doing day-to-day consulting. The Vista integration with Office 2007 was the clincher for me, plus embedded desktop search that indexes everything, o/s-integrated RSS feeds, wicked desktop gadgets and BitLocker to secure it all! Both of the new UIs are damn sexy, too!! What else could a geek ask for?

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  1. GregYoung says:

    I personally like ambient devices not only do they look nice; they are also portable and cheap 🙂

    For executives my personal favorite has always been by another company I can’t locate at this second who has a lamp that changes colors in its base (looks great on the fake mahogany desk).

  2. Reed Me says:

    First a big thank you to all the great people who made TR3 an enormous success. As we say in Tejas, “Y’all…

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