MDX Expression for TechReady

A large number of customers are probably wondering who beamed up all of the Microsoft consultants and account personnel... and a lot of people in Seattle seem to be wondering what we're all doing in the middle of their daily routine. It's sad to say that there are only three more days remaining.


If I had to sum up my TR3 experiences to date (both days so far), the following MDX query would be the simplest way to describe it.






      [Measures].[Coolness] * c2,




      [Date].[Calendar Year-Month].&[2006-07 (July)]


FROM [Cool Microsoft Technology & Know-How]








Perhaps I'm inspired by the beautiful Seattle weather. I've heard it rains here, but in the weeks that I spend here every year (2005, 2006), it's never rained!


Where else would so many acknowledge and praise my "Joss Whedon is my master now" t-shirt for its truth and greatness? Although a surprising number of people asked me who Joss Whedon was... Weird.


Perhaps it's just all the EM radiation produced by the massed geeks and geekettes in attendance. In no other venue will you find some many cool Bluetooth devices and WiFi-connected computing units adorned with so much geek flesh. It's amazing that it's possible for the fabric of the space-time continuum to handle the phenomenal abuse put upon it by the massed electronic bombardment...


If there were no other good reasons to love working for Microsoft (and the reasons are legion!), the opportunity to learn directly from the massed intellect which actually produced the products in whichever area of technology you're interested in is it. [Maybe a free Xbox 360 would be cooler. Hint, hint.]


I have to admit that the X-men skit put on by the leadership team was hysterically funny. Steve as Professor X and Bill as Wolverine. All the evil, mutant competitors – including Mr. Dirty Bird and a few faces only Open Sores devotees could love – got exactly what they deserve from our heroes and heroines. w00t! [Although the dissing of the mighty "Han shot first" t-shirt by association with the enemies of Truth, Justice and the Microsoft Way should've been omitted.] All in good fun, right? FNORD




I think I've already picked my favorite quote of TechReady3, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to post it.

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  1. Reed Me says:

    First a big thank you to all the great people who made TR3 an enormous success. As we say in Tejas, “Y’all…

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