Hi, I work for Bill (for a little while longer).

The UserFriendly from last Sunday reminded me that Bill's recent announcement leaves me feeling kind of let down. I completely understand and support his choice to engage in rewarding and effective philanthropy, but... I'll only be able to say that "I work for Bill." for the next two years (during his 24-month transition from full-time with MSFT and part-time with the Gates Foundation to part-time with MSFT and full-time with the Gates Foundation). *pout* Since I've only been here less than a year so far, you can imagine how I feel...


It does mean that Steve's not planning to give up the reins to me any time soon, though, whether or not I finish my MBA by 2008. *big pout* Anyway, my self-introductory conversational flow doesn't work so well after Bill's gone.


Lemming: "So, what do you do?"


Dave: "I work for Steve."


Lemming: "Who?"


Dave: "Ballmer"


Lemming: "Who?"


See, with Bill, there's no Owl Effect (the second "Who?"). Everybody gets it immediately when I answer the first "Who?" with "Gates." The change is OK, just new and different. I'll have to come up with something funnier than "I work for Microsoft." now. Although a lot of people that I went to high school with (in the dim and distant Bronze Age) will still laugh hysterically when I try that on them! When they recover their composure, the response is usually, "No, seriously. What are you up to these days?"


All things considered, though, Steve's the business guy. His CEOness has made major improvements for the employees (and for the customers). He's even brought back the hot towels. (Although I have to commute to Redmond from Houston to get one. Heh.) I think we'll be fine after 2008 when BillG rides off into the sunset to do his impression of Angelina Jolie (and Bono). Heh. He's certainly had a bigger positive impact on the issues of world hunger and education than any of the entertainment elites! Vaya con Díos, Bill.

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  1. gabriel.lozano says:

    Bill is an icon! To be honest I am so afraid that Bill’s departure, and let’s face it, it’s a departure even if he will stay in the board of directors or whatever it is called nowadays, will have a negative impact on Microsoft.

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