The 2007 Office System ships!

We want to make sure everyone has heard that we’ve completed work on the 2007 release of the Microsoft Office System, including all of the Records Management features we’ve been talking about on this blog! (Below are a few links to press articles about the product launch.) The product will be available to enterprise customers on November 30, 2007.

This represents a huge milestone for our team, and we’re looking forward to the conversations that will ensue here once the community starts using these products – especially about where the Records Management team should focus our efforts for the next version of the Office system, which we’ll be starting work on soon. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

- Ethan Gur-esh, Program Manager.


Some press coverage:

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  1. mic.dan says:


    I’ve downloaded it – it works great! (so far…)

    One very very important question concerning Records Routing –

    Either I’m blind or unaware to something, but I don’t understand the meaning of the RR (Records Routing). The RR supposes to automatically route documents sent to the record center, into selected document libraries within the center.

    The problem I see is that, there’s no possibility to send a document to a center (=site), but only to a specific document library! (In the Advanced Settings >> "Custom Send To Destination")

    If so – what’s the use of the RR?!

    Anxiously waiting for reply,


  2. mic.dan.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm!  

    There is actually some setup work that needs to be done on the Central Administration site in order to expose the "Send to Records Center" functionality.

    Visit the Central Admin for the farm where your collaborative space is hosted.  Click on the Application Management tab.  Under External Service Connections, click on "Records Center" and then enter the URL to your Record Center’s web services interface (there is an example of that page that should help).

    Once you do that, you can then visit any document library, click on any file’s dropdown menu, and you’ll see your Records Center under the Send To fly out.

    Hope that helps,

    Adam Harmetz

    Program Manager

  3. mic.dan says:

    I’ve tried that – the option does appear in the "Send To" menu, but the operation failed ("An error accured while sending the file…")

    I’ll check out the MSDN for answers – thanks anyway. But even when it will work, there’s a problem with "Send To" – it creates another copy ("instance") of the document. You have related to that somewhere in this blog, saying your main "customer" is the Info. Worker and he shouldn’t be confused. Consider that whilst it’s a right attitude for us, the IW’s, it doesn’t match the demands of our managements…

    In the project I’m working on, one emphasized demand is to have only one copy – that’s one of the main reasons I was checking for complementions (such as Meridio, which leaves a "smart shortcut" in the Doc.Library rather than duplicating it).

    Anyway, The MOSS is a great platform for almost anything an organisation needs – Microsoft had finally delivered the ultimate portal (surely after you struggle to implement SPSv1 and SPSv2 as I did in the last years…)

  4. Thanks, mic.dan.

    If the "send and leave a copy" approach doesn’t meet the business goals of your organization, you can implement several simple alternatives with a little bit of custom code.

    For instance, you could add your own entry on the ECB (the context menu when you click on a document) that deletes the collaborative copy and sends the real copy to the Records Center.  You’d reuse the whole Records Center web services infrastructure, so it would be just a few lines of code.

    A custom workflow can likewise use the SharePoint object model to send something to the Records Center and then perform whatever custom logic is required.

    You are correct about Meridio’s shortcut approach.  It’s an excellent example of how the MOSS platform can be extended by a partner.


    Adam Harmetz

    Program Manager

  5. mic.dan says:

    I’ll check that out with our programmers – Thanks again!

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