SharePoint Conference — slides

As promised, the slides from our session at last week's SharePoint Conference are now posted online:

Questions and comments about the content are welcome -- especially because the slides themselves aren't as informative as attending the live session. (I try to add more value when speaking than just reading slide text, after all. 🙂 )

And the next set of feature introduction topics in the blog will provide more detail about the records management functionality that I described and demonstrated during the presentation.

Ethan Gur-esh
Program Manager.

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  1. Hi Ethan:

    Thanks for posting the slide deck. I’ve downloaded and run through them. The slides are beautiful. I look forward to having access to the rest of the conference slide decks and hopefully to the recorded sessions as well.

    I agree with you that "the slides themselves aren’t as informative as attending the live session."

    Like many Microsoft Partners, I probably get a thousand plus slide decks a year. It always shocks me that so much of the functionality of PowerPoint is completely ignored along with the advise of Cliff Atkinson, author of Microsoft Press’s "Beyond Bullet Points," its accompanying website ( and Atkinson’s great resource site at

    Someone poured their heart out making these slide decks. Other people poured their hearts out practicing for and giving the presentations.

    Nobody went the extra mile and used the Notes area at the bottom of the page to at least outline the main ideas behind and beyond those presented on the slide.

    It almost makes me think that if these were cars, they would be beautiful but they would lack axles. As a result, they lack most of the utility they deserve as a result of the money, time and effort poured into creating them.

    I know that everyone is extremely busy but why would you go to all that trouble to design and build a Mercedes of a presentation only to have a beautiful flower pot left over after the live presentation?

    If the creator, or the presenter, or even a post-live event editor put in clarifying text, the value of the slide decks would increase by an order of magnitude for all future readers.

    The goal, after all, is sharing the embedded knowledge with the largest number possible so we can keep Bill G’s virtuous cycle going.

  2. Robert, many of the conference slidedecks actually had slide notes, but we had to "scrub" them before posting the slidedecks for public download. While some of the slide notes would have been useful, other less useful and potentially confusing notes were inadvertently left in from when the slides had been drafted. We didn’t have the time or resources to sort out what to keep and what not to, so we scrubbed everything.

  3. Frank Big Hat says:

    And therein lies the problem of appraising elctronic records!

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