Creating Kerberos Identity for RD Session Host Farms Part II: using a WMI Script

Part I of this blog post series describes the benefits of using a Kerberos Identity for Remote Desktop Session Host (Terminal Server) farms and provides information on how to create and manage this Kerberos Identity using Remote Desktop Services provider for Windows PowerShell. You can achieve finer control over the farm account in Active Directory… Read more

Manual Revocation of Client Access Licenses (CALs)

Prior to Windows Server 2008, there was no way for administrators to manually revoke issued licenses. Issued licenses would automatically expire after a random period between 52-89 days and become part of the available license pool. In some cases, an administrator might want an issued license to become available immediately—typically when a particular machine will… Read more

What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 5

WMI Providers for administration   With Longhorn, we added support for WMI providers for Terminal Services Licensing. With the use of these WMI providers, administrators can now script tasks that were in the past available only through the UI. Some of the capabilities that the WMI providers expose would help enable support for tasks like… Read more

Terminal Services (TS) Remote Configuration Primer Part II

  How to Configure TS session limit remotely TS provides many settings that allow an administrator to customize to their specific requirements. This settings can be set for a specific user (in Terminal Services Extension to Local Users and Group, and Active Directory servers and Computers), at the server level, and through group policy. If… Read more

Terminal Services (TS) Remote Configuration Primer Part 1

  How to enable/disable TS connections remotely   Hello, my name is Soo Kuan Teo, I work on the Terminal Services Team. I would like to take this opportunity to begin sharing configuration features in TS. TS is about remotability. It allows users and administrators to access their computer resources remotely, just as if those… Read more

Terminal Server Licensing/Gateway WMI Providers

Hi, I am Nitin and I work as program manager in the Terminal Services team. I would like to talk about the WMI provider that we have introduced for Terminal Services Licensing and Terminal Server Gateway. In Longhorn server, we have introduced the support for a WMI provider for the Terminal Server Licensing role. Using… Read more