Don’t Fence Me In: VDI, Session Virtualization … or Both?

Hi, Max Herrmann here again from the Remote Desktop Services team at Microsoft. Lots of news and activity this week at VMworld in San Francisco, including Microsoft’s open letter to VMware customers. Today, I wanted to discuss a question that is important to our large base of session virtualization customers: How do you decide between… Read more

Video: Meet the Terminal Services Team

  As this blog has presented over the last few months, with Windows Server 2008, we have added plenty of key new functionality for Terminal Services. Recently, completed four episodes on Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008. The episodes interview members of the team and walk through demos of several new features for Windows… Read more

Changes to Remote Administration in Windows Server 2008

This article describes the differences between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 when you use the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client to remotely connect to the server for administrative purposes.   In Windows Server 2003, you can start the RDC client (mstsc.exe) with the /console switch to remotely connect to the physical console session on the server… Read more

Console Behavior Differences in Longhorn Server Terminal Services

  This article describes a few behavioral differences between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server Codenamed Longhorn in Remote Administration mode. Note that these changes will be available in Beta 3 and later builds.   Architectural change – Session 0 Special-ness   In Windows 2003, the session 0 is always associated with session on physical… Read more