2000 Seat VDI Deployment Benchmark

Hey all, If you are interested in an “incrementally expandable” Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) pool architecture and want to hear about some benchmarking results we just completed, you are in the right place! Recently we partnered with Dell to build a 2000-seat VDI deployment (all pooled virtual desktops) at our Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) in… Read more

RD Connection Broker Performance and Scalability

We have published a white paper that analyzes RD Connection Broker performance in Windows Server 2012. In Windows Server 2012, RD Connection Broker provides the following functionality:          Allows users to reconnect to their existing virtual desktops, RemoteApp programs, and session-based desktops.          Enables you to evenly distribute the load among RD Session Host servers… Read more

Remote Desktop Session Host Capacity Planning in Windows Server 2008 R2

The white paper, RD Session Host Capacity Planning in Windows Server 2008 R2, is now live on the Download Center.  This white paper describes the most relevant factors that influence the capacity of a given deployment, methodologies to evaluate capacity for specific deployments, and a set of experimental results for different combinations of usage scenarios… Read more

Announcing the Remote Desktop Protocol Performance Improvements in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 white paper

With the growing trend toward desktop virtualization, it is Microsoft’s goal to provide enterprises with a flexible model for centralized computing, whereby the broadest range of client devices can help securely access company data and applications from any location on the network. As with Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2, virtual machine-based desktop… Read more

Remote Desktop Load Simulation Toolset

I am pleased to announce the availability of the Remote Desktop Load Simulation Toolset.   Many customers have asked us to provide the specific number and type of servers to use for Remote Desktop Services scalability.  This is a difficult question to answer without more complete information given the variation in use cases and the impact… Read more

Using WSRM to control RDS Dynamic Fair Share Scheduling

With Windows Server 2008, it was possible to use Windows System Resource Manager’s (WSRM) Equal_Per_Session policy to control CPU allocation of sessions. This ensured that no session would hog CPU and affect the performance of other sessions on that server so that all sessions on a TS Server would get an equal share of CPU…. Read more

Top 10 RDP Protocol Misconceptions – Part 2

Hi, Nadim here again. Today we’re wrapping up our Top 10 list of RDP Misconceptions. So without further ado… 1) Myth: RDP is insecure; there is no encryption To be clear, this is totally false! RDP has always supported strong encryption and is by default encrypted! What has changed over the releases is the type… Read more

Top 10 RDP Protocol Misconceptions – Part 1

Hi, My name is Nadim Abdo and I’m the development manager responsible for the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Since we first shipped RDP in 1998 with Windows NT Terminal Services Edition we’ve gotten lot of very useful feedback on RDP (please keep it coming!). But we’ve also heard a lot of ‘interesting’ myths and misconceptions… Read more

Announcing RDP 6.1 Performance White Paper

With the Windows Server®°2008 and Windows°Vista® operating systems, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP 6.1) enables new presentation and remote-oriented features such as Desktop Window Manager (DWM) presentation virtualization, 32-bit support, ClearType® display technology, and device redirection, together with important performance-related improvements. As these features become integrated in the enterprise environment, it is critical to analyze and… Read more