Farewell from Chandra Shekaran and Tad Brockway

Dear Remote Desktop Services Customers, Partners, Pundits, and Enthusiasts: Now that RemoteFX has shipped, we have each decided to take on other Microsoft challenges outside of Remote Desktop Services. Chandra Shekaran is moving to Bing to be the General Manager of the Search Technology Center – India in Hyderabad.  Tad Brockway is moving back to… Read more

Partners Support Microsoft RemoteFX

Hi, my name is Max Herrmann and I am part of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) marketing team. On Thursday, Microsoft hosted the Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Hour, a live online event where we talked about desktop virtualization, about VDI, and where we announced some important news. One of the news items, which I blogged about… Read more

More details about Calista Technologies

It has been a year since Microsoft acquired Calista Technologies, a pioneering virtualization technologies company that I co-founded. I thought that it would be timely to provide some more details about Calista’s technologies and how they differ from traditional Windows desktop remoting. The Calista acquisition has provided Microsoft with several independent, but interoperable and important… Read more

WinHEC 2008: Remote Desktop Services and Calista

Hi, Tad Brockway here. I am a Product Unit Manager on the Windows Server team.  My team is focused on rich media remoting technologies for the new Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server which we announced last week at ITForum EMEA in Barcelona. I just returned from WinHEC 2008 in Los Angeles where we… Read more