New update to the RDS wiki: The Case of the Invisible RemoteApp Programs

In our previous blog entry on Remote Desktop Services resources for IT Pros, we mentioned that we’d added a new wiki for Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2. This wiki has been growing quickly, thanks to the efforts of some of our community. Most recently, we’ve released a new article on the TechNet Wiki… Read more

Help! Finding Remote Desktop Services Information Online

We’d like to ensure you can find the information you need to use Remote Desktop Services, so here’s a quick roundup of the available resources and when they’re appropriate. For a comprehensive view of current white papers, the most recent blog posts, highlighted technical whitepapers and links to information about previous versions of RDS, see… Read more

Remote Desktop Services Coverage at BUILD 2011

Remote Desktop Services had strong coverage at the Windows BUILD 2011 Conference held last week in Anaheim, California. This blog post recaps the major presentations at the conference where Remote Desktop Services technology in Windows Server 8 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Developer Preview was showcased. Metro-style Remote Desktop app demonstrated at the opening keynote… Read more

How to troubleshoot Logon Attempt Failed messages when connecting through RD Gateway

Hi folks, once again hello. Today I would like to discuss a case where I was trying to fix web single sign-on (SSO) externally. SSO was working well internally, but when we were trying to make it work outside the environment (by using Remote Desktop Gateway), it was not working and resulted in continuous logon… Read more

LG announces support for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

This week, LG announced the U Series Network Monitor that supports Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 with stated availability in the United States of October 2011. This is the first monitor that supports Windows MultiPoint Server and helps deliver on the promise of efficient and cost effective solutions for educational institutions…. Read more

Free Remote Desktop Services Application Assessment Program by ChangeBASE

Are you planning to move your desktop applications to Remote Desktop Session Host (formerly Terminal Server) but are not sure if they will work without issues?  Are you looking for a tool to help you automatically determine compatibility?  Your wait is over! ChangeBASE, a world leader in automated application compatibility testing and remediation, has created… Read more

How to restrict users from accessing local drives of an RD Session Host server while using RemoteApp programs

Hello, my name is Pankaj Pande and I would like to discuss a method that an administrator can use to keep users from storing files in public folders and scattering files randomly throughout a virtual machine pool or Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) server farm, while using Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApp programs…. Read more

How to Enable Certificate Revocation Checking on a Remote Desktop Gateway Client

This blog is intended for Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) users who want to turn on certificate revocation checking on the RD Gateway client as a security best practice. An RD Gateway server is configured with a server authentication certificate that is used for authenticating and securing the communication between the RD Gateway client and… Read more

How to resolve the issue: “A website wants to start a remote connection. The publisher of this remote connection cannot be identified.”

Applies to: Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Vista Hello, my name is Pankaj Pande and I would like to clarify a bit about the error message “A website wants to start a remote connection. The publisher of this remote connection cannot be identified.” Often you receive this message when you… Read more