Configuring Virtual Display Adapters for Virtual Machines on a RemoteFX Server

This blog post describes the new Remote Desktop Services Windows PowerShell cmdlets, introduced in the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 timeframe, that configure virtual display adapters for virtual machines on a RemoteFX-enabled RD Virtualization Host server. For a given Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) host to be able to support many users and target the full… Read more

Configuring Remote Desktop licensing settings on a Remote Desktop Virtualization Host server

[Step 4 corrected 1/27/2011.  Thank you, pdias] This blog post introduces the Windows PowerShell cmdlets for configuring Remote Desktop licensing settings on a RemoteFX-enabled RD Virtualization Host server in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Until Windows Server 2008 R2, in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment, the RD Virtualization Host server was not aware of… Read more

Centralized Licensing Management for Microsoft VDI

This blog post introduces the new Centralized Licensing Management work, implemented in Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) as a part of the RemoteFX feature, for centrally managing the licensing configuration in a Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment. This post assumes that you have a basic understanding of the following: Windows PowerShell… Read more

New Joint Citrix/Microsoft Facebook Forum

Got a virtualization issue? Not sure if it’s a Microsoft or Citrix problem? Jump on the new Facebook forum to discuss your issue, share ideas, opinions, and information related to Citrix and Microsoft Virtualization products.… Read more

Wrapping up “version 1” of Microsoft RemoteFX

Hi, my name is Chandra Shekaran, and I am the general manager for Remote Desktop Virtualization at Microsoft. In January 2008, I blogged about a new acquisition that we had just completed at that time, the acquisition of Calista Technologies. And while we weren’t able to tell you then when Calista would be shipping and… Read more

Introducing Microsoft RemoteFX USB Redirection: Part 3

In Part 1 of our series on RemoteFX USB redirection, we looked at an overview of the feature and what it can do, and how to set up a basic deployment of the feature. In Part 2, we discussed publishing, deploying for rich and thin clients, RD Web Access, and server device security. Now, let’s… Read more

Testing Microsoft RemoteFX – Get the SP1 Release Candidate!

In March, Microsoft announced RemoteFX and how it enables a rich desktop experience for endpoint devices ranging from traditional PCs to the most lightweight of thin client devices. And in July, we provided testing guidance for RemoteFX using the Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta – thank you for all your feedback on the Beta. Earlier… Read more

Using Hyper-V Differencing Disks with VDI

On the Virtualization with Hyper-V Technical Resources page, we’ve posted the “Virtual Hard Disk Performance White Paper.” This paper contains information about the performance implications of operations that use a differencing disk with Hyper-V, as well as the pro and cons of using differencing disks. All the information in this document is relevant to using… Read more

Remote Desktop Connection Broker Scalability Testing Results

Summary In our lab tests, we are able to achieve more than 10,000 individual virtual machine (VM) run-time connections over a two-hour period. These tests show the range of scale possible with Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker). Within the connection process, the overall time measured is overwhelmingly determined by the VM start and… Read more

RSS Feeds for Windows Server and Client—Top Solutions Now Available

To make it easier to keep up with current support issues and resolutions, including the Remote Desktop Services workload, RSS feeds have now been created. The Microsoft Product Quality and Online team has released new RSS feeds to get you to the “high impact issues” happening right now that have solutions. These feeds contain the… Read more