TS Gateway Certificates Part III: Connection Time Issues related to TS Gateway Certificates

This is the third and final part of our recent series on configuring certificates on TS Gateway. See also Part I and Part II Background TS clients authenticate TS Gateway server using server security certificates (X.509 format). TS Gateway passes the server security certificate to the clients during the SSL handshake process. During the SSL… Read more

TS Gateway Certificates Part II: How to deploy a certificate on TS Gateway

For information on why TS Gateway needs a certificate and which is the recommended certificate to use on TS Gateway, see the first post in this series. To deploy a certificate on TS Gateway server, you must have the server certificate (and private key) contained in a file. You must also have access to the… Read more

Introduction to TS Gateway Certificates

Why does TS Gateway need a certificate? A TS Gateway certificate is used for authentication and secure communication purposes by the TS clients. To appreciate the purpose of TS Gateway certificates, you will need to understand SSL communication. As illustrated in the following diagram and described in the steps below, a TS client launches an… Read more

WinHEC 2008: Remote Desktop Services and Calista

Hi, Tad Brockway here. I am a Product Unit Manager on the Windows Server team.  My team is focused on rich media remoting technologies for the new Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server which we announced last week at ITForum EMEA in Barcelona. I just returned from WinHEC 2008 in Los Angeles where we… Read more

Introducing Live Mesh Remote Desktop: Part 1

The Remote Desktop Protocol is an efficient and feature-rich protocol which we have invested in greatly over the years.   As such, we’ve worked to make RDP available not just in traditional Terminal Server scenarios, but also as a platform for additional products from Microsoft and third party ISV’s.  We are seeing the benefits of this… Read more

Terminal Services Team Presence at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC) 2008 in Los Angeles, CA

The TS team had a great presence at PDC 2008 with a couple of breakout sessions and a booth at the Microsoft Pavilion where we showed off our Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 features and previewed a few of our new features that are slated for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, the… Read more

Terminal Services renamed Remote Desktop Services at TechEd EMEA

Terminal Services was renamed to Remote Desktop Services reflecting the expanded role in Windows Server 2008 R2 to provide desktops and applications in the datacenter that users can access anywhere from managed or unmanaged devices.  Remote Desktop Services now includes VDI and session based desktops utilizing existing components such as RemoteApp and Desktop WebAccess or Remote… Read more

Announcing RDP 6.1 Performance White Paper

With the Windows Server®°2008 and Windows°Vista® operating systems, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP 6.1) enables new presentation and remote-oriented features such as Desktop Window Manager (DWM) presentation virtualization, 32-bit support, ClearType® display technology, and device redirection, together with important performance-related improvements. As these features become integrated in the enterprise environment, it is critical to analyze and… Read more

White paper: Application Readiness for TS

The ”TS Application Compatibility” Connect program is aimed at providing content and tools to address application compatibility issues and to enable you to readily deploy your applications on TS. Anyone can join the Connect program to learn about ensuring that an application is ready to be hosted on Terminal Services. A new whitepaper, “Application Readiness… Read more

App-V 4.5 for Terminal Services Release

Application Virtualization 4.5 (App-V) for Terminal Services (formerly SoftGrid) will be available on the Volume Licensing Pricelist and for download on VLSC as of November 1, 2008. App-V 4.5 is the first version available that supports both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. App-V 4.5 for Terminal Services provides new and easier ways to… Read more