Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (English Only) released

We’ve released the new version of the Remote Desktop Client corresponding to Vista. Here are some of the new features: Server Authentication Plug and Play redirection TS Gateway support Monitor Spanning 32-bit color and font smoothing More details on the features are in a Knowledge Base article.   To install the new version, go to Windows… Read more

Console Behavior Differences in Longhorn Server Terminal Services

  This article describes a few behavioral differences between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server Codenamed Longhorn in Remote Administration mode. Note that these changes will be available in Beta 3 and later builds.   Architectural change – Session 0 Special-ness   In Windows 2003, the session 0 is always associated with session on physical… Read more

Why does my shared clipboard not work? (Part 2)

(…because the clipboard is a shared system resource) A few years back we came across a bug where a customer was unable to copy data from a remote session to the local session using the TS shared clipboard. They had a script in the remote session that was doing something like:   CopyDataToClipboard(…) // //… Read more

Why does my shared clipboard not work? (Part 1)

The TS shared clipboard allows you to copy and paste data between local and remote sessions. When it works its really simple and seamless, but what about when it doesn’t? Diagnosing clipboard problems can be hard and frustrating!   The majority of clipboard problems fall into the category of clipboard viewer chain related issues. What… Read more

Terminal Services (TS) Remote Configuration Primer Part II

  How to Configure TS session limit remotely TS provides many settings that allow an administrator to customize to their specific requirements. This settings can be set for a specific user (in Terminal Services Extension to Local Users and Group, and Active Directory servers and Computers), at the server level, and through group policy. If… Read more

Multi Monitor support in the Vista TS Client.

One of the new features of the Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Client in Windows Vista is the support for multiple monitors.  If the machine running the TS-Client has a multi-monitor configuration that creates one logical rectangle, then the TS-Client can span over all the monitors, creating one virtual desktop of the combined size. For example, this… Read more

Group Policy for Locking Down a Terminal Server

Reader “Joe” asked for: -GPO templates to automate the “desktop lockdown” for the thin-client/SoftGrid experience There’s some documentation in the Knowledge Base: Locking Down Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Sessions and in a white paper: How to lock down a Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 Terminal Server session   This covers the necessary GP. … Read more