Looking for a killer SQL Server 2012 demo?

Well look no further!  I’m pleased to announce that the MySemanticSearch Sample is now available on CodePlex at:


MySemanticSearch allows a user to upload Word documents into a SQL Server 2012 table, then visualize the semantic content of the documents in it using tag clouds that are automatically built by semantic search. The user can then find similar documents by comparing their tag clouds.


As seen in Quentin Clark’s Day 2 Keynote at PASS Summit 2011, this simple but elegant content management application shows off the power of several key improvements in SQL Server 2012 including:

Go ahead and give it a try!  Post your feedback and comments on CodePlex.

Comments (8)

  1. Trevor Dwyer - (sqlartist) says:

    Superb – I have been blogging about Semantic Search recently and have only been testing the basic features and also pushing the performance of the engine. This sample demo is excellent. Will give it a go on a number of document collections of various sizes. Thanks for sharing it. Can you tell me if Keyphrases are working in CTP3 not just keywords?

  2. rdoherty says:

    @sqlartist: I'm pretty sure semantic search is based upon term extraction only, not phrase extraction.  For that you would probably need to use standard full-text search.

  3. Trevor Dwyer - (sqlartist) says:

    Thanks Roger – I was pointed towards this when I asked on the codeplex project forum – blogs.technet.com/…/available-now-sql-server-codename-quot-denali-quot-ctp.aspx and it says " FTS Semantic Search extracts statistically relevant ‘key phrases’"

    But I heard that in CTP3 it only handled keywords not phrases.

    BTW, the new documentation walkthrough on the sample is really appreciated

  4. ricardo solar says:

    i received this error:

    "Invoke operation 'CheckServerConnection' failed. [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer]

    Arguments: NotFound

    Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See go.microsoft.com/fwlink

    could somebody help me please?


  5. Yousry Lashin says:

    Awesome  Application

    Does it support HTML documents instead of WORD documents ?

    What languages are supported for indexing text ?


  6. Semantic Search seems to work only on Word Documents. says:

    Is there anything I need to do to get it to work for Excel Speadsheets?

    select * from Documents

    returns one row for test1.xlsx and one for test1.csv

    SELECT *

       FROM semantickeyphrasetable(Documents, *)

    returns null

    SELECT name, document_key, keyphrase, score

       FROM semantickeyphrasetable(Documents, *)

       INNER JOIN Documents ON stream_id = document_key

       ORDER BY name, score DESC

    returns null

    Following the SQL Server 2012 Training Kit. I replaced word documents with the Excel Spreadsheet, but it doesn't seem to work. How do I check for Excel Filters?

  7. Gary Zhang says:

    I tried RTM, I still can only see word from Semantic Search not phrase.

    I think if a Semantic Search can't return phrase, it is useless.

  8. Domink says:

    Looks great!

    How is the tag cloud realized / visualizied ? What is the technology behind the tag cloud ?

    Best regards!

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