SQL Server 2008 Integration Services – Scalability Lessons Learned

My colleague Larry Clark contacted me today regarding my PDC presentation covering the 2008 Summer Olympics video monitoring project.  Basically he wanted more information on some of the lessons I learned to make my SSIS package scale.  This package I built for this project ran every five minutes, and at peak loads needed to extract…

Visual Studio 2008 for DB Pros "GDR" Release Announced

At last, Visual Studio 2008 for DB Pros is fully in sync with the SQL Server 2008 release.  The new “GDR” release sports a lot of new interesting capabilities as well.  Full details can be found on Gert Drapers blog post here.


Real World SQL Server 2008: Inside the Olympics Video Monitoring Project

This summer I had the pleasure of teaming up with Eric Schmidt, Director of DPE’s Media and Advertising Initiatives team, to provide a set of monitoring services around the Silverlight 2.0 online broadcast event of the 2008 Summer Olympics at www.nbcolympics.com.  It was the coolest thing I’ve worked on in quite some time, and gave…


SQL Server 2008 Top 10 List for Developers

Well now that SQL Server 2008 has shipped, Zach and I are starting to put the finishing touches on all of our SQL Server 2008 early adopter initiatives and move on to planning for future releases.  Before we do that I have some unfinished business to take care of. My boss, Mauricio, has been on…



Okay, it’s time to come clean.  As a technical evangelist, particularly one that focuses on driving platform adoption, I have to be familiar with an ever-increasing array of technologies.  Compound that with the aging process, vast quantities of fried brain cells from my misspent youth and various and sundry character flaws (such as the over…