SQL Server 2008 – The Engine that Powers Immersive User Experiences

One of the things Zach and I are trying to accomplish is to get developers to understand that SQL Server 2008 isn't just some bland bit bucket for storing and retrieving data.  It's THE engine that powers immersive user experiences!  Catchy huh?  I'll give Zach the credit for coming up with that one.

Whether you are talking about applications that serve up documents, rich media or maps, SQL Server 2008 has rich data types, powerful search, and flexible data management capabilities that make it the ideal platform for building applications for Windows and the next web now.

Zach and I got our greedy little hands on an early build of CTP5 and are busy building some applications that exploit these new features and capabilities.  We'll be blogging about that and other stuff over the next few weeks.

- Roger

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  1. If you have been following progress on SQL Server 2008 you have probably seen mention of FileStream which

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