I’ve almost stopped writing 2007

Last year went very quickly! This year is off to a fast start...I'm just getting around to putting up a new blog post. So here's what I've been up to:

At home:

  1. Totally digging my new Zune 80. The best feature, aside from it looks and sounds great, is the the wireless synch. I have it in my car using the car pack and when I get in the car in the morning I have a little message on the screen - "Synch Complete" - Love that! A little disappointed by the car pack compared to the one I have for my iPod. The Zune guys need to expand the frequency range  - 88.1 and up have way to much traffic, 87.9 is virtually empty across the country.
  2. PGR4 is amazing and I'm slowly becoming a better driver now that I have a steering for the XBOX 360. Looking forward to getting MX vs. ATV Untamed for some less "structured" driving fun. Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga is a ton of good clean fun for kids and adults alike. These new games, plus my work/travel schedule have really left me outta the loop with Halo & COD4.

At work:

  1. Overheard at work "That Agile Development training class last week was pretty good. The one they did a couple months ago was better...less theoretical." And yes...before you ask the people in the conversation were completely serious!
  2. Been doing some Office-based development since December. I just stumbled on this article at MSDN Magazine, VSTO: Build Office-Based Solutions Using WPF, WCF, And LINQ. Sadly, the customer is using .NET 2.0 and XML Web Service. One tidbit I will pass on...when creating custom toolbar buttons for office add-in hold a reference to the button(s), that'll save you a lot of head scratching when you press the button for the 2nd time and nothing happens.
  3. The work I'm doing includes some Visio automation very similar to the Visio Connector for MS Project. Visio is pretty cool, but kinda convoluted.
  4. I still hate the grid controls....but I'm getting them to bend to my will!!
  5. I'm still working in Visual Studio 2005. If you find yourself doing Office development...go for Visual Studio 2008!

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