Am I colorblind?

I've been informed from the homefront that our 11+ year old washing machine is no longer functioning, apparently it doesn't drain. A service call has been scheduled to see if we can get a some more use out of this appliance, before having to invest in a new one.

So, I go out to the Sears and HomeDepot web sites (both of which are staples for most homeowners) to do a little research. If you haven't kept up on appliances (and who really does?!), these things aren't cheap! We replaced our original dishwasher 2 years ago when we installed wood floors throughout the kitchen and family room...that was a bit of a price shocker.

Anyway, I'm fairly impressed with the selection and general on-line shopping experience on both sites. I'm also pretty dissappointed at the lack of a usability/UI review. Go to either site and look at a white washer or dryer....who decided a white on white style would be of any use at all!!! I'm only guessing that both of these established vendors have a small army managing their Websites and content management systems. While it probably won't affect my opinion of either stores, it's a shame....

Incidentally, Amazon puts a grey background on the same white appliance to make viewing the picture more meaningful.

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  1. Just for an FYI – Had to replace a broken washer last fall.  Did the quick research, and Consumer Reports basically stated that if that anything older then 8+ years broke, don’t spend anything fixing it.  

    We blew a motor, and just getting anyone in to look at it was $200 in the door, plus parts & time, so minimum $350.

    We went for a new HE washer (which, theoretically, saves us money on hot water) rather then throwing money at the old machine.  Pain in the butt, but the whole appliance repair thing is quite expensive…

  2. magicred says:

    Turns out that the entire repair cost $20. It turns out there is a guy in my neighborhood who owns a small appliance repair business. It also turns out that the sum total of the problem was that after 11+ years of opening and closing the lid, the plastic do-hicky that pushes the sensor indicating the lid is closed had worn down and was no longer pushing the sensor far enough. Go figure…

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