Whole lotta nothin’ on WM6

Very excited about the launch of Windows Mobile 6. Last week I saw some of the new features, which admittedly addressed some minor stuff that annoyed me. For the most part, I've been very happy with my WM5 phone...the stuff that has bothered me must not be a big deal since I've spent next to no time "solving problems" on my phone.


I'm very dissappointed by the lack of information from my mobile carrier or my device manufacturer on the availability of WM6. Searched the forums, standard support stuff, etc. I refuse to call them, since that would really annoy me...isn't that what the Web site is for?!

What's up?! If you are gonna sell SmartPhones/PocketPC phones you have to know those of us willing to pay for more than "just a phone" are also gonna be keeping our eyes on major stuff...like the announcement of a new version of the OS on our phones.

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  1. tzagotta says:

    This is typical – these companies don’t really cater much to the "early adopter" crowd. It typically takes them 3-6 months to get the new stuff pushed through their systems and out to the retail channel. Pretty lame if you ask me.

  2. JasperM says:

    Did you miss the web conference open to all with Chris Hill Product Manager for Windows Mobile that show cased all the new features and a live demo of a T-Mobile HTC Unit?

    The web conference should be available for download (audio) and perhaps the PDFs of the PPT slides too…

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