How to Update Inactive User Profile Information in SharePoint

This post is going to discuss user profile synchronization, and how to update user profile information for users determined not to be active in SharePoint Server 2010. First we’ll discuss what happens during the various phases of user profile synchronization, at a high level, and how SharePoint determines whether or not a user is active….


How to Create A SharePoint User Profile Service Application with PowerShell

This topic is going to discuss creating a new user profile service application in SharePoint Server 2010 using PowerShell.  In the process, I hope to provide some guidance on how to avoid some common pitfalls with setting up the user profile service application, some specific to creating user profile service applications with PowerShell.  The sample…


How To Populate AD Properties and Display Profile Pictures in SharePoint

  How to use a VBScript to update the ExtensionAttribute1 property in Active Directory and use that value to display user profile pictures in MySites.   Background I was recently engaged with a customer who wanted to populate SharePoint user profile pictures from Active Directory.  The customer was using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2003. …