How to Fix Navigational Links After Relocating a Site Collection

This post is going to discuss how to fix navigational links after relocating a site collection within the same web application. Relocating a site collection to a new URL is a relatively common task. One reason you may relocate a site collection is if a certain area within your organization is suddenly renamed as part…


How to Update Inactive User Profile Information in SharePoint

This post is going to discuss user profile synchronization, and how to update user profile information for users determined not to be active in SharePoint Server 2010. First we’ll discuss what happens during the various phases of user profile synchronization, at a high level, and how SharePoint determines whether or not a user is active….


How to Create SharePoint Web Applications with PowerShell

  This post talks about creating SharePoint web applications with PowerShell. Though the concept is pretty simple, there are always a few things that I forget to do when I’m in a hurry – like adding the object cache accounts to my web application after it is created. The sample script I’m providing takes care…