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Hey everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank Mike Watson for his encouragement and help in joining the SharePoint blogging community.  I initially tried to get out of it, stating that I simply didn't have time for this type of activity in my daily life; however after consideration, and several weeks of working day and night Monday through Sunday, I have managed to clear up enough of my existing work that I can now devote time to writing blogs.  There is however one dilemma: I'm new to this whole blogging thing.

Another challenge I've been struggling with is choosing a starting point.  I have no idea what topics people want to read about, or what they need to know about.  For that reason, I want to take some suggestions to sort of get the ball rolling and give meaning to my otherwise random ramblings.  Once things get started, and I make this part of a regular routine, I'm sure I'll have more ideas for topics than I have time to write about.

There are of course some things to be aware of before asking me to blog about a specific topic:

  • I'm an infrastructure guy, not a developer - Don't ask for me to post developer-related topics, developer topics will be low priority because I want to provide readers with quality posts and in-depth knowledge of SharePoint.

  • I'm not going to blog about anything internal to Microsoft - Don't ask me about any future releases of any products that Microsoft may or may not be working on (I like working for Microsoft and intend to be here a long time)

  • Pretty much anything else goes

I'm excited about this new community and I look forward to blogging future topics of your choice!

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  1. DJLordee says:

    Hi Roger,

    We’ll read you with great interest. We’ve met once in Montreal about a famous bug in the ID generation logic of SharePoint and we were happy to have you on site.

    As a first topic, I would like to know if its feasible to a multiple content databases attached to a single Site Collection.


    Alain Lord

  2. Stephen Tyson says:

    Hi Roger,

     Just as you, I focus more on the Infrastructure side of SharePoint. I work as a Systems Administrator for Florida State University.

     From prior experience installing a farm may I  suggest you start with enabling features and setting up services in the sharepoint environment. Also SSO and how to properly configure and implement the technology, BDC, Excel InfoPath. Maybe have a bug section on the Creation of  Sites and Site collections, SSL enabled sites and the Alternate access mappings. stsadmin and proper use of all commands for DB and site creations.

         I would like to share some of my bumps and hurdles with you and maybe a few techniques I use to implemet an environment for a University.

     P.S.  I got your Blog link from Mike Watsons Blog post. I had a chance to speak with Mike Watson @ Tech-Ed I gaind some very uselful information from him.

      It’s nice to meet you. I will check back with your blog sometime this week.

     Stephen Tyson  

  3. salmanMd says:

    Welcome to the WoB(World of Blogging)


    I’m just your regular everyday IT guy.

    I thought I’d contribute my suggestion.

    Since your being an infrastructure person.

    Firstly I agree with Stephen Tyson. Setting up sharepoint and its services and making sure all users can use it properly is important.

    you could advice on the preferable hardware configuration for sharepoint.

    maybe even show how to diagnose resource contention issues on the server. like how can i tell whats causing my server to slow down.

  4. salmanMd says:

    there’s a sharepoint issue that’s bothering me and i can’t seem to figure out.

    one of our users had a sign In problem. Sometimes he can sign In into sharepoint sometimes he can’t.  

    Can’t tell if its a DNS configuration issue or what.

    but every time the sharepoint server is restarted it works for him immediately(restarting is bad, but for the moment that the only work around i got).

    It’s probably a simple issue. but I’m a real noob when it comes to systems configurations. Hence I don’t even know where to look for the problem.

    Some day this issue will make a good story for WTF :).

  5. salmanMd says:

    oh Yeah I found your blog thru a link on Mike Watsons Blog.

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