"Wheel of Time" author James Oliver Rigney, Jr. aka "Robert Jordan" passes away at 58

From the official website:

New York Times #1 best-selling author Robert Jordan passed away on Sunday September 16th at 2:45 PM EST. His passing was announced by his cousin Wilson on his official blog, hosted here.

I've been reading Robert Jordan's novels for a long time and have all of the available "Wheel of Time" books featured prominently on my bookshelves at home.  His fantasy writings were complex and emotional, weaving together the lives of many characters through dark and trying times.  He died before completing the 12th and final volume of the "Wheel of Time" series although currently it is believed that enough of the final volume has been penned to be able to complete the series, although the exact time frame for the final volume is still unknown. 

The story is on CNN and additional information is available at the following fan sites:

  • wotmania.com
  • TarValon.net
  • Theoryland.com

  • Comments (3)

    1. Sad news and demonstrates that the wheel will never stop. Unless there is there a Christopher Jordan to "edit" his 12th book and create 12 more that are nowhere near as exciting as the original 12? (Tolkein humor)

    2. aboreham says:

      you’ve fallen off the radar again. Will we see any updates to the Calendar extender anytime soon?

    3. bobbjkv says:

      I loooooove the Wheel of Time series. I am really brought down by the fact that he died before finishing the 12th book.



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