Visual Studio "Browse with…" multiple browsers

Here's a tip if you're doing a lot of cross browser ASP.NET or AJAX development in Visual Studio:

  • Right click an .aspx file and choose "Browse with..."

  • If you're like me you've probably added some additional browsers to your "Browse with" list like FireFox, Opera and Safari.  If you want to view the page in multiple browsers, CTRL+click each item:

  • Hit "Browse" and all of the browsers will open for the specified page.
  • If you want to open multiple browsers every time, click "Set as Default":

  • Now all of the browsers will open whenever you choose "Browse" from the context menu.
Comments (3)

  1. deepu_verma says:

    I feel it will be a nice feature to add different IE versions (IE6,IE7) to the list for testing as well.

  2. don’t you think it’s a bug, as you can set many browsers to default. Though it’s good that you can browse with multiple browser right from the VS IDE. 🙂

  3. Kevin Scheidt says:

    If it is a bug, it's one of the best bugs ever and the only "bug" they got right

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