Bing Maps V8 SDK Fall Update

The main release branch of the Bing Maps Version 8 web control (V8) has been in a code freeze over the last two months for the holiday season. Over this time the Bing Maps team focused primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements in Bing Maps V8. Here are some of the more notable new…


Bing Maps V8 August 2016 Update

This is the second regular monthly update to Bing Maps Version 8 control (V8) since its release in late June. In last month’s update, we saw many new features such as draggable pushpins and spatial math geometry. Not to be out done, we have added many new and exciting features in our August update. Three…


Bing Maps V8 July 2016 Update

It’s been just over a month ago since Bing Maps Version 8 (V8) was released, and today we are happy to announce the first of our regular updates to the main release branch of V8. For those not familiar with V8, it now has a new branching system which allows developers to access new features…


Bing Maps V8 Web Control Released

Two and a half months ago, at the Microsoft //Build/ Conference, the Bing Maps team announced the preview release of the Bing Maps V8 web control. Since then, the team has been working hard fixing bugs, adding new features and support for mobile, and making the Bing Maps V8 control stable and ready for production….