Dynamic Tile Layers in the Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Yesterday I was scheduled to present at Microsoft Reading unfortunately things came up at work and I could not attend. A colleague of mine filled in and gave my presentation. For all those who are interested in this presentation the slides, complete source code and database can be downloaded here: http://cid-e7dba9a4bfd458c5.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/VE%20Sample%20code/Silverlight.DynamicTileLayers.zip

This demo shows how to dynamically create map tiles from raw data that is stored in SQL 2008 and display them in both the Silverlight and AJAX map control.

Steps to get this demo to work:

  • Restore database into an SQL 2008 spatially enabled database.
  • Create new database user.
  • Update database connection string in web.config file.
  • Specify your Bing Maps Application ID in the MainPage.xaml.cs file.

Why use dynamic tile layers:

  • You can display a much larger amount of data on a map without performance issues.
  • Only tiles that have been viewed are rendered.
  • If data does not change, caching can be added for better performance.


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