Technical Interview Tips

So you know you have the right skillset for a job but you don’t do that great on interviews. The good news is that most jobs on the computer science fields put more value on technical interview than classic interviews. In this post I’ll go through a mock interview and cover some simple tips in…


Hey look I’m on TV! (well sort of)

I did a channel 9 interview right before the holidays where I talk about the front end and the IntelliSense architecture in general. I was going to write an intro but I’ll be lazy and reuse the one from the interview Happy Holidays to all of you out there who are in some sort…


No Repro, No Way! – Handling Bugs Before They Come Back To Haunt You

I haven’t actually written in a long time which its an indication of how busy things have been around here. I put together a presentation about how to handle itermitent test failures earlier this year and I’ve been meaning to turn it into a document and I figured this was a good chance to do…


The Pitfalls of Code Coverage

  When used correctly code coverage can be a great data point to assess your test quality and test holes. What a lot of people don’t realize though is that code coverage doesn’t actually means good tests or even that all the areas that are covered are actually tested correctly. There are several things you…


Regular expressions for float values and coordinates

I was working with some pixel values the other day and I had this problem; I’m getting an RGBA value from my object model but it returns it on a string format (ie: 0, 1, 1, .5). For this specific task I only cared about the alpha value so I figured writing a regular expression…


Manual Testing and Babysitting Your Tests

No matter how much test automation you have nothing will ever substitute the value added by manual testing. I could go on as to why but nothing beats a real story so here’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago: I had just finished implementing some formatting tests for a new language service…


Changing the value of a property from a toolstrip control across threads

I ran across this issue while working on the UI for one of our tools and I found a bunch of code samples to solve the issue for regular controls and vague references (but no samples) as to how to work with this on toolstrip controls (in my case I needed to enable/disable menu items)….


Unit testing, component level testing and UI testing, what to use and when

This is a topic that anyone doing software testing faces every time they are writing new tests. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? When should I use them? What’s a healthy mix?   Let’s start with the basic definition of each of these scenarios:   Unit Testing – Unit testing is testing directly…


Visual C++ IntelliSense Options on Visual Studio 2010

 One of the requests we that we often heard from our customers was the ability to disable IntelliSense at will. There are ways of disabling it on previous versions via macros and other tricks (more details about that from this blog post) but we all agree that if you want to turn off a feature…


.Net Reflection and Unloading Assemblies

I was working with one of our tools and ran into the following problem. The tool is on the PATH environment variable and we run it from different folders (through the console). On those folders the tool builds an assembly, loads it through reflection and then does some operations against it. Now the issue is…