Outlook 2013: Appointment marked as "Working Elsewhere" in Outlook 2013 fails to sync with your mobile device


When an appointment is marked as "Working Elsewhere" in Outlook 2013..it will not sync with your mobile device, a Windows 7 phone for example.

The following synchronization failure message is received into the Inbox.

"Synchronization with your WP failed for # item(s). The following items couldn't be sent to your mobile phone. They haven't been deleted. You should be able to access them using either Outlook or Outlook Web App”.



This is a By Design , because devices don't understand the  new free /busy state introduced in Outlook 2013 clients.

Work Around:

Change the free\busy flag to something other than “Working Elsewhere” on the item..for it to successfully sync to your device.

Thanks & Regards

Rahul Thomas

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