Business Contact Manager 2010 :Some UI options are disabled when you customize record types


If you select a Contacts in Outlook right click on the entry,select the option to Create record and then select either of the following.

Copy to Business Contact manager

Move to Business Contact manager


You don't see a menu or list of option preceding the copy or move User Interface. You are unable to copy the Items to BCM's business contacts.

Also if you Right-Click any Business contacts and select "Convert To" the Fly-out is blank




This is a Known issue in BCM 2010.


There is a known issue in BCM where “Customized record types” have an item created with the “&” symbol have an issue with linking then to BCM records. The issue can be corrected by renaming the record types so that it doesn’t use the ampersand symbol.

More Information

How to repro :

Create a new customize record type and choose to name it something that has & (ampersand ) symbol in it.

The UI options get disabled.

Rename the record type by removing the "&" symbol and the UI after Copy/move to BCM become enabled.

Thanks & Regards

Rahul Thomas

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