Business Contact Manager 2010 Setup: Message requesting for a reboot to complete the setup

When you install Business Contact Manager 2010 , you receive the following message:

"You need to restart your computer in order to continue setup"


Even if the user clicks on Restart Now and re-runs the installation, the same prompt appears again.


This error normally occurs when a file needed by Setup in locked by another process and as a result setup to fails.


Since the error message wasn't very informative we decided to review the logs files created by Business Contact Manager in the %temp% folder . We reviewed a file called “BCMrebootcheckg0Pu.log” this is used to determine if a reboot is required during setup due to a locked file.

<excerpt from the log>

IsPendingRebootSessionManager1? Yes. SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations has value:
IsPendingReboot? Yes.

Based on the logs, it appears that setup wasn't able to complete because it was unable to access a file called WPRO_40_1123woem.tmp present under the System32 folder in Windows.

We were able to resolve the issue by renaming the file and re-running setup .

Note : If you aren't sure what the file is for try searching or make a copy before renaming .In our case the file was associated with a program called WinCap Professional that was used for packet capture.

Thanks & Regards

Rahul Thomas

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  1. Ahmed Galal says:

    Many Thanks, you helped me solve a problem after 2 hours of tries 🙂

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