Roadmap for Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online being a new offering its a common question that I hear - What is the roadmap for adding new features to VSO especially since people have been using TFS for a while and would expect certain features to be available.

There is a page dedicated to providing the roadmap and release timelines for both VSO and VS and this is quiet amazing that we have such information out there for general viewing.

Visual Studio Features Timeline

Visual Studio Online Features Timeline

Hope this will help answering some of your questions on when you can expect certain features to make the cut to the environment.

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  1. Sean Liming says:

    Is there a comparison on VSO versus a local installation of Visual Studio Community edition?

  2. Hi Sean. VSO is more comparable to TFS than Visual Studio as VSO is not really an IDE but more a SaaS offering for LAM + more. Lemme know if you are interested to find out any particular functionality and probably VS Code might be a good alternative.

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