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There are so many advances on the MSF front that I wanted to take some time and document all that is happening. First, for those of you who have never seen MSF for Agile Software Development, there is a recorded webinar available.

There is a bit of registration information to wade through but after you "register", there is a recorded version available. This webinar has about 30 minutes of slides and an equal amount of demo. Download it and skip to the end to see the demo. Then go back and hear the slides. It turned out quite nicely except that I ran out of time!

On the MSFWinBuild front, we have all of the pieces finally ready! There is a GotDotNet site where we have put out an initial preview. Download the latest source from the MSF for Agile Software Development site and try out the compiler. The compiler is still in alpha mode but check it out!

For those of you who want to see live MSF presentations, check out the upcoming Microsoft TechEd (Boston), Architecture and Design World (Chicago), and SD Best Practices (Boston). I will also be at the Agile Conference in Minneapolis. We will be giving out very detailed MSF information at the TechEd presentation so I hope to see you there. I will be providing more information on Shadow Architecture at Architecture and Design World as well as a tutorial on creating Secure Architectures. At SD Best Practices, I will talk about Second Generation Agile Software Development Processes and several other topics.

The work around MSF is truly exciting! We have been planning our next release and are welcoming a tighter relationship with the Patterns and Practices folks. PNP has always been a fantastic contributor to MSF. With adoption of Agile Software Development Processes on the rise, expect to see even greater improvements to VSTS and MSF in the near future!

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  1. The Visual Studio Team System User Education blog has a walkthrough of creating a visual studio setup…

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