Causes of 408’s in a Windows Media Services log

One common question I get from Windows Media Services admins who have looked through their log files is about the cause of the 408 status codes.  Before answering the question directly, I need to define what a 408 is.  Simply put, it is an abnormal disconnect.  All it means is that at some point during the…


Using HTTP Referer to prevent deep linking to a WMS server

For a number of years now I’ve had customers ask me about how to prevent deep linking from random people directly to their Windows Media server.  Deep linking is described on  Often this occurs when a web site owner does not ask for permission to point an embedded media player on their own site…


Using Windows Media Services 2008 Cache/Proxy plug-in

One of the main differences between Windows Media Services 9.1 on Windows 2003 and WMS 2008 on Windows Server 2008 is the inclusion of the Cache/Proxy plug-in.  In WMS 9.1 you had to compile (and write some of your own code to do caching) to have cache/proxy functionality.  WMS 9.1 also required that use have…


WMP debug page to dump player events

Attached to this post I’ve included a HTML file (inside the zip) that I use all of the time to see what events the player is throwing.  I’ve used it to see if there are scripts in a customer’s video, to see how many times my player rebuffers in a particular time period, to see…


Forcing the embedded player to reconnect when an error occurs

In the next few posts, I am going to discuss high availability scenarios for times when you absolutely must deliver your video.  For today’s post, I’m going to talk about how to have an embedded version of WMP reconnect to the stream if there is an error.  This is useful in the instances where you have a…


How to maintain an encoder/server connection on a problematic network

I occasionally get contacted by customers that are having problems keeping their Windows Media Encoder 9 Series encoder and Windows Media Services 2008 server connected.  Often it is simply that the network between the two is having some issues, however briefly.  Both the encoder and server have resiliency built in but network conditions can get…


Silverlight installation requires the SSE CPU instruction set

One of the guys on my team recently tried installing Silverlight 2.0 on one of his older systems.  He got the error, “Unable to install Silverlight” and, “Your processor is not supported.”  When you click on More information you see the error: Message ID: 1503 Microsoft Silverlight is not supported on your computer.  Your CPU…


Fix for WMS 503 issue released

Since this is a fairly major issue for a number of people that are running Windows Media Services 2008, I thought this warranted it’s own post.  I prevously described the issue at where WMS returns a 503 error when the server is behind a NAT.  A fix is now published at  It also contains…


IIS Smooth Streaming beta released

The next big thing in streaming is now released in beta form.  That is the IIS 7 Smooth Streaming: This is the technology that was used last summer with Silverlight for the Olympics to stream the on demaind content.


Troubleshooting the Silverlight MediaElement 4001 Error

This is my first post on Silverlight, so I thought I would post on a common issue that I’ve seen developers have problems with.  Since I focus mainly on the MediaElement piece of Silverlight I’m going to stick almost solely to that on this blog when I post about Silverlight. If you’ve ever developed a…