Azure Cognitive Services with Azure Logic apps – Errors and Workarounds

  Recently I was working to build a logic app that could analyze tweets using Azure Cognitive services and for each picture in the tweet detect all of the faces.  I ran into an issue because it requires nested for each loops (a tweet could have many pictures, and a picture could have many faces). …


The ridiculously simple Azure NSG tool

If you had referred to my previous article on NSG – you would have seen me reference a tool .. a ridiculously simple Azure NSG tool 🙂 Here is the link to download the tool – go ahead download it give it a shot and let me know what you guys think –  …


Azure Network Security Groups – Explained in Less than 5 minutes

Here is the start of an ongoing series which I intend to cover for Azure and other peripheral technologies. In this post – we will try to explain Network Security Groups in Azure in a quick and simple way 🙂 As always any feedback is most welcome.   Cheers ! Happy learning Anand Kumar R


Azure Automation in Azure Government

  If you have been following closely, you would have realized Azure Automation is now available for Azure GOV. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you are trying to run your first automation script with Azure GOV. I’m going to be outlining the steps below:   Step 1…


SQL Always on Availability Groups – on Azure (Things you might oversee)

There are tons of good documentation out there for SQL Always on AGs on Azure, here are some of the most comprehensive ones: ·        SQL ALWAYS ON GUI – ·        SQL ALWAYS ON POWERSHELL –   I would highly recommend you go through both of these articles in both the articles above, as…


Listing all subnets in an Azure Virtual Network

Listing all Subnets in an Azure Virtual Network   So you want to list ALL the subnets within an Azure Virtual Network and you try to look for an available PowerShell command (get-azuresubnet only works at a VM level) and you realize there isn’t any. Fret not, there is a simple way to get this…


Getting Started with Azure Government

 Update – 4/4/2017 –    This post is now redundant, all you have to use is the Environment Variable –>   Add-AzureAccount -Environment AzureUSGovernment   Yep ! Thats it 🙂 For endpoint mapping – you can still use this reference or use Get-AzureEnvironment AzureUSGovernment to give you all the details   Original Article If you…