General Network error. Check your network documentation.

This is a proper netwrok error and has nothing to do with the coding if any of your jobs/queries/packages fail with this message.

Please refer the following article for the workaround.

Another work around we tried and succeeded in our project was as follows:

There is something called Network Speed setting which is usually set to AUTO or a fixed value. You can check this from Start->Control Panel->Network Connections->Local Area Connection->Properties->Configure->Advanced->Speed &Duplex property. Change it to 100 MBPS full or whatever value that matches the configuration of the n/w port on the switch side. It solved the issue for us.


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  1. Abdul Hadi says:

    If some one using programming language and facing this error, then use timeout method (e.g. for C# and VB.Net it is SqlCommand.TimeOut = 600). it will give extra time for your transaction process.

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