Architects…Who? – Part II

Let’s talk about architects in Microsoft. The architects in Microsoft I know grew threw the ranks as Software Design Engineers and are extremely technical in nature. If a normal programmer knows 10 things about a thing, then an architect for the thing knows 500 different things about the thing. For instance, Christopher Brumme probably knows…


Architect…Who? – Part I

It’s been an exciting job building a Microsoft Technology Center from the scratch – all right almost from scratch. The most important job of creating and selling the business value prop behind setting up a MTC is done by my boss – Sheila Gulati. From that point, I was tasked with setting up the MTC…


SQL Server Architecture Workshop content posted

The content for the SQL Server Architecture Workshop (decks + samples) have been posted in a Gotdotnet workspace called .NET Architecture Workshops. Please follow the link to register yourself with the workspace to download the content. I will post the CLR Architecture workshop content soon. I am also looking forward to hear from you regarding…

Entity Aggregation white paper released

In my earlier posts, I was talking some of the real world challenges that an architect face while trying to implement SOA in their enterprise. Entity Aggregation is one of those problems. You can read more about entity aggregation here.


SOA – Real World Challenges reposted

I guess I shouldn’t post a blog during mid-night. Here is my second try. My views on real-world challenges can be found  here


SOA Real-World challenges

 This post discusses some of the challenges architects/designers face while trying to implement SOA in their Enterprise. Our team has been working with customers for the past two and half years to implement SOA. This post reflects collective experience of our team.   Most of the discussions around SOA revolves around basic issues as RPC…


Make Services Idempotent

 In the brave new world of service orientation, service requests may fail due to different reasons that may include network connectivity, resource failures (like db failure) etc. When a client receives a failure, all it can do is to retry for a while and then give up. This implies that the request may actually arrive…


Mike is Modelling

Mike platt is running interesting posts in his blog. He recently posted a blog on modeling. This is a must read. He says, “I do feel very strongly that the concept of a general purpose transformation from one domain or level of abstraction to another will always yield a sub optimal solution unless there is…


Litmus test for the agillity of architecture

Today’s business environment is very dynamic. Things change all the time. Definition of business concepts such as customer or employee changes over a period of time. Business rules change more frequently than business concepts. Think about new federal regulations and rules that have to be adhered to.   Good architectures are flexible such that changes…