Microsoft Technology Center in Bangalore

I am happy to announce that we are building a Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Bangalore. MTC is a world class facility that offers several services to customers and partners (ISVs and SIs) to architect and build high quality, world class, robust applications using our technologies. The services offered are free of charge and the main motivation here is to help customers and partners build high quality apps and infrastructure using our technologies.

We offer whole suite of things ranging from a quick 2-4 hours strategy briefing to 2 days architecture design sessions to 2 weeks POC.

We provide world class facilities for doing a POC (proof of concept) in our MTC. As a customer/partner, you can bring in your development team and technical architect from MS will work closely with that team on the architecture, design, development and testing the POC. We will provide a dedicated work spaces and lab resources for developers and architects from our customers.

We are expecting the MTC Bangalore to become operational by November 2005. We are looking for solution architects who can survive in an high-octane intellectual environment. We are interested in folks who can button up and do strategy briefings for CIOs and at the same time, can also roll up your sleeves to design and build (meaning writing code) a solution. We are looking for both IT architects and solution architects. What we are looking for is passion to help customers, passion for MS technologies and passion to learn and lead. If you think you are the right person, please feel free to contact me through the contact form. Looking forward to hear from you.


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