Moving to India DPE

I haven't been able to post for a long time as I was involved in too many things - one of the things happen to be my move to India DPE as an Architect Evangelist.

I am really excited about the opportunity to interact with developers and architects in India. Every Indian professional in USA has this dream of going back to India and work there and I am really glad that this is becoming true in my case. I am starting my new job on May 24th of this month and like I said earlier I am super excited to be transferred to the 'front-line'. (Actually, I see that more of a love front rather than a war front. Not sure why people characterise field as a 'war front'.)

I will continue to post my views on SOA, Data and other such things in my blog.

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  1. denny says:


    BTW: just to let folks there know… I personaly have no ill will to any person from India. I have seen a show where folks who are in India are told to speak and act less indian and use western names to make Americans and others less put off at talking to a call center worker.

    WRONG! you are who you are! Be Proud!

    while a clear speaking voice *IS* a plus I must say… but other than that it’s cool with me.

  2. Ramkumar says:

    I totally agree with you on the call center piece. It is ridiculous to use western names for the Indians – I personally consider that totally degrading.

    Regarding my Job – I am joining Microsoft Developer and Platform Marketing team in India. So, I will be doing what i have been doing in Redmond – that is to interact with customers and partners, and helping them architect solutions on Microsoft technologies and of course learning few things along the way. I guess I don’t have to rename my name…

  3. Ramkumar says:


    It is interesting to note that how easily people jump to conclusion that people who go back are going back for call center jobs. I guess perception is playing its usual role of creating stereotypes…

    I have seen so many people going back to India to do many different things. For examples, Microsoft employees in Redmond, often get transferred to Hyderebad development center (called IDC) to build products such as VJ#, Services for Unix and of late, storage services etc. Also, there are many who has gone back to start IT companies, both ISV as well as Services organizations. There are few who have gone back just to retire 🙂 (I wish i can do that).

    I also believe, call center jobs for just fraction of IT jobs in India. Someone from India can correct me here. I guess it is getting visibility because it is election year – both in USA and in India.

  4. Arvindra Sehmi says:

    Hey Ram – Welcome to the ranks of a field AE! Good Luck!

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