Moving SSP Admin site to a new web application

Here is exact steps to move SSP Administration site to a new web application

Create a new web application through central admin

Define a new "ssp/admin" manage path for the new web application created for SSP Admin site, ensure the new web application created that will host the new ssp admin site is selected and also specify "explicit inclusion" for type and "ssp/admin" for path, click "Ok"

Create a new site collection using SSP Administration site template

stsadm –o createsite –url http://{replace with your servername}:{replace with port}/ssp/admin -owneremail {owneremail} –ownerlogin {ownerlogin} –sitetemplate OSRV#0 –title “Shared Services Administration {replace with your ssp name}"


It was pointed to me via comments that following links doesnot work on newly created SSP administration site

  • Published Links to Office Client Applications

  • Trusted MySite Host Locations

  • Personalization site links

Reason for this is for some reason underlying lists are not getting created when we use the stsadm -o createsite command to create new ssp admin site collection, at this point I do not know why, I will post update when I have some information. I would recommend using stsadm -o backup command to backup the current ssp admin site collection and use stsadm -o restore command to restore to newly created web application after which you can run stsadm -o editssp command to swtich the administration site to newly created web application. If the existing ssp admin site got deleted, you better hope there is a site collection backup available, otherwise you might end up having to provision new SSP


edit the ssp to point to the new ssp administration site

Stsadm –o editssp –title “{replace with your ssp name” –sspadminsite "http://{replace with your server name}:{replace with port}/ssp/admin" 



Comments (4)

  1. Brian says:

    I have done this successfully, but I have three links that no longer work.

    Trusted My Site host locations  

    Published links to Office client applications  

    Personalization site links  

    I can get to them via the view all site content, but i’m noticing also that changes made to the trusted my site host locations, aren’t taking effect.

    Please help. Thanx.

  2. Brian,

    I don’t recollect having the issue you’ve described here, I will test it out in my Lab and let you know

  3. jj_the_skeptic says:

    I am having the same issue as Brian did after following these instructions.  So far, other than those links not working, the moved SSP has been working OK.

    The reason the links don’t work is that the lists they are supposed to link to do not exist.  I compared "all site content" with my dev server, and I can see what is missing.

    Is there a way of recreating those lists?

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