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I’ve moved my blog to All the posts from this blog has been moved to my new site and will discontinue posting here. Please update your URL to use my new site   Cheers, </Ram>


Targeting windows 8 platform when developing windows store apps using VS2013 + Win 8.1

Like most of the developers who always like to run on latest and greatest Microsoft software, I too upgraded my machine to Windows 8.1 and VS 2013, Today I was bit disappointed to find out that I could not develop windows store app and target windows 8 platform. When creating new projects in VS2013 using…


Sending email from windows store apps using SendGrid Web Api and HTTP Client

One of the things you will notice when working on windows store applications is that there isn’t any api’s within windows runtime or .NET for Windows Store apps for sending emails. You can of course have a hyperlink button with navigateUri set to for ex. to send emails using the mail client installed. What…


Annoying experience with TFS Online

Hope this post doesn’t come across as a rant but just wanted to share the experience I had with tfsonline service, hopefully someone in charge of this service will see this and take some action. If you are not familiar with tfsonline, simplistic way to think about it is that its a hosted TFS offering…


List of windows store app bar button styles

By default when you create Windows Store Application using the Visual Studio project templates, Visual Studio adds a XAML resource dictionary (“StandardStyles.xaml”) file under common folder, this file contains styles that really simplify application development and ships with a set of App Bar button styles. These styles are by default commented, you can simply uncomment…


HOW-TO: Generate hash in windows store apps

This post shows how to generate hash using SHA1 algorithm in windows store apps, useful if your app makes calls to rest api’s that require app to pass an api signature as header or querystring   Import following namespaces  using Windows.Security.Cryptography;using Windows.Security.Cryptography.Core;using Windows.Storage.Streams;   Convert the string to binary   IBuffer buffer = CryptographicBuffer.ConvertStringToBinary(text, BinaryStringEncoding.Utf8);…


Recovering data from an unattached content database using PowerShell

One of the really nice IT Pro features in SharePoint, introduced back in SharePoint Server 2010 is a feature called “recover data from an unattached content database”. It allows us to perform a granular recovery of content from an unattached content database (content database restored from a backup). I’m sure many of you are already…


When Service Account Password in AD and SharePoint Gets out of sync

This can happen sometimes when service account passwords are changed in AD and Managed Account passwords stored in SharePoint are now out of sync. Fixing this is fairly easy, not sure if the documentation on this is pretty clear but this may help others Fortunately we can fix this with a simple PowerShell   param(…


PowerShell for adding zone user policy for a web application

Sharing a PowerShell script that I wrote for adding zone user policy for a web application. Function New-SPUserPolicy{ Param([string] $Name, [string] $Zone, [string] $UserName, [string] $DisplayName, [string[]] $Permissions ) Write-Host -ForeGroundColor White "- Getting Web Application" $WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $Name $UrlZone = [Enum]::Parse([Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUrlZone], $Zone) Write-Host -ForeGroundColor White "- Getting Zone ($Zone) Policies" $Policies = $WebApp.ZonePolicies($UrlZone)…