Services on Lync Edge server will not start and 14611, 42012 errors are in the logs

I wrote this blog after the customer asked me to look into
why one of their Edge server’s services would not start and would not

My customer has Two Lync Edge servers in its topology.

Issue: One edge server is functioning fine. The services on
the second Lync edge server would not start. The Lync Management Console on the
Front End server showed that only the healthy Edge server was replicating.

Lync Event logs on the troublesome Edge server shows 14611
and 42012 errors.

“Current topology configuration either does not include this
machine or the definition for this service.”

A quick Bing search showed several blogs with the issue
being an error with the topology and importing it into the Edge server.

At my customer this was not the issue.

The customer had forgotten to add a primary DNS suffix to
the one of their Edge servers. So the Edge server had a short name but did not
have an FQDN. As you know Lync is all about FQDNs.

I opened the computer properties, clicked on Advance System
Settings, clicked on Computer Name, clicked Change, clicked More, entered the
domain name into the Primary DNS Suffix of this computer window, clicked my way
out of the properties and rebooted the server.

After the reboot the services were started and the
replication showed green on the Lync management console.

Turns out that the Event log error, “Current topology
configuration either does not include this machine or the definition for this
service.”, was spot on.  The topology
listed an FQDN for the Edge servers, as it should. That FQDN did not exist on
the server so when the services tried to start there was no match for the FQDN
listed in the topology.

Lync Edge services do not start-14611-42012-errors.docx

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