Questions regarding Invitation codes – Windows Azure, SQL Azure, .NET Services and Live (Obsolete; Kindly refer to my new posts)

Windows Azure, SQL Azure, .NET Services and Live Services are in CTP. You need invitation codes to test and play around with it.

You can get the invitation codes for Windows Azure here.

It will take around 72 hours to get an activation code to use Windows Azure. Once you get an activation code, you can go to and use the invitation code to login to the Windows Azure Platform portal.

In that Windows Azure platform portal, you can manage your Windows Azure, SQL Azure, .NET services and Live services, all under one roof.


You can register for Windows Azure here and start using Windows Azure, .NET services and Live Services. (One key to use all those three services). You need to register for a subscription name to start using .NET Services and that can be done in the same portal almost instantly (refer to the screen shot below).


The management console for the Live services would look like the snapshot below. You don’t need any invitation codes to start to work on Live services.


You need to have a separate activation code to use SQL Azure. You can request for an activation code for SQL Azure after logging into the Windows Azure platform portal. (refer to the screen shot below).





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