The Microsoft "Oslo" Base Domain Library (the BDL) — now not completely in T-SQL!

The Microsoft “Oslo” repository “provides a robust, enterprise-hardened storage location for the data models. It takes advantage of the best features of SQL Server 2008 to deliver on critical areas such as scalability, security, and performance.” The repository team took SQL Server 2008, and used SQL Server best practices to create a series of internal…


"Oslo" — SQL Server 2008 includes Express…. Just FYI

It has occurred in the forum ( that people sometimes don’t have access to SQL Server 2008 — or they don’t think they do. In point of fact, however, you can use SQL Server 2008 Express editions to satisfy the requirement. Get that here.


Microsoft code name "Oslo" — New Tutorials for the May CTP

I’ve spent quite a bit of the past two years working on “Oslo” and find it an amazing challenge to explain to people who aren’t database gurus. Have a look — it’s an amazing set of tools to begin developing .NET applications with modeling techniques that don’t make much sense if you haven’t been interested…