Technical Note: Proxy Classes Different when using Svcutil.exe and VS Add Service Reference ( edition)

The WSDL url was used by a customer with the Svcutil.exe tool to generate a proxy class and associated message and data classes, and it worked fine. But when they tried to use the Add Service Reference… (often shortened to “ASR”) wizard in Visual Studio, they had a problem: they could not import the fault contracts….


Technical Note: Reference to excellent Windows Phone 7 crypto discussion.

Ian Miers has posted the code for doing “good” crypto for static data storage on the phone, but more importantly written about it, here. Understanding this code, the problems it poses, and the processes it implements is important to doing things with secure web services. More later.


How Do I…. Linq directly into an ItemCollection?

I have this: private void LoadSupportSolutionsSection(ItemCollection itemCollection, XElement category){    // Solution, url att, Title, Description.    var solutions = from sol in category.Elements(“Solution”)      select new TreeViewItem {        Header = sol.Element(“Title”).Value,         Tag = sol.Attribute(“url”).Value,        ToolTip = new ToolTip()         {          Content=sol.Element(“Description”).Value,           StaysOpen=true        }      };     foreach (TreeViewItem item in solutions)    {        itemCollection.Add(item);    }} A very simple…


Technical Note: Windows Phone 7: Basic Authentication over HTTPS.

A note directly related to the larger blog project started with the last post, While I have been working on a lot of phone applications, almost all of the work around the net using HTTP web requests involves Web services — REST or SOAP style — that do not require much if anything in…


Cloud Data: A Newbie Series –The issues.

It’s been an interesting couple of years for me — I’ve been assigned to two different projects that have failed to find their way to RTM as originally conceived — which cut my blog writing down a bit. It happens; I’ve been working most recently on some internal tools and demos designed to make use…