Using MetadataResolver to dynamically swap endpoints for a given contract

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently thinking about how clients can fail to connect to one endpoint and recover to find any other endpoint for that contract that a service supports. The MetadataResolver class makes it real easy, at least, I think so. See what you think: using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Collections.ObjectModel;using System.ServiceModel;using System.ServiceModel.Design;using…


Duplex callbacks to a Windows Form

There’s nothing fancy about what WCF does to release callbacks on the UI thread — it just picks up the SynchronizationContext and away it goes. However, to pick that context up properly, you must make sure to initiate the system after Application.Run. There are ways to do it prior to that time, but really, who…


Missing namespace in the WSDL.exe <wsdlParameters> element when using .NET 2.0 /parameters switch

I have just fixed a bug in the docs in which the xml namespace is left out of the topic for WSDL.exe when using the /parameters switch. The <wsdlParameters> element must have the namespace, so it must be:  <wsdlParameters xmlns=””> and the documentation should look like the following: /parameters Read command-line options from the specified xml file….