WCF Beta 2 Docs for ServiceThrottlingBehavior

The earlier sample code came from the following thread (http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=145893&SiteID=1), on which David L1 also noted some characteristics of the various properties. What follows is the documentation for those properties that I’ll be putting into the topic this evening. I just wanted to get the information out there to people who are interested right now….


WCF Beta 2 Code: ServiceThrottleBehavior in code, config, and custom attribute

I just wrote this quickly for an example for the forum, and I thought I’d post it more completely here. The ServiceThrottleBehavior is used to control various throughput settings that help keep your application well-balanced against loads. Programmatically, you’d do this: using System;using System.Configuration;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ServiceModel;using System.ServiceModel.Design; namespace Microsoft.WCF.Documentation{  class HostApplication  {     static void…


WSDL.exe always warns about WS-I compliance.

Chris sent me a question: Is there a way to disable the warning that WSDL.exe issues about WS-I conformance? And the answer is: No. You get the warnings. Bummer?


Using MetadataResolver to dynamically swap endpoints for a given contract

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently thinking about how clients can fail to connect to one endpoint and recover to find any other endpoint for that contract that a service supports. The MetadataResolver class makes it real easy, at least, I think so. See what you think: using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Collections.ObjectModel;using System.ServiceModel;using System.ServiceModel.Design;using…


Duplex callbacks to a Windows Form

There’s nothing fancy about what WCF does to release callbacks on the UI thread — it just picks up the SynchronizationContext and away it goes. However, to pick that context up properly, you must make sure to initiate the system after Application.Run. There are ways to do it prior to that time, but really, who…


Missing namespace in the WSDL.exe <wsdlParameters> element when using .NET 2.0 /parameters switch

I have just fixed a bug in the docs in which the xml namespace is left out of the topic for WSDL.exe when using the /parameters switch. The <wsdlParameters> element must have the namespace, so it must be:  <wsdlParameters xmlns=”http://microsoft.com/webReference/”> and the documentation should look like the following: /parameters Read command-line options from the specified xml file….


Best Support Comment: Steve Swartz on DCOM, .NET Remoting

I just had to mention that when I heard this, I thought I had to post it. At the PDC I fielded so many questions about “Is .NET remoting going away?” or “Is support for remoting/EnterpriseService/XXX going away?” that when I heard that Steve said this, I had to post it: After Steve Swartz’s talk…


Top Five Sample Code Requests

The first thing I want to do is take your suggestions for the top five sample code apps that you need. In general, the SDK usually has very good end-to-end applications, but often you need something much more specific. Some samples I have in the works for Beta 2 documentation are custom policy exporting and…


Getting started

Hi all. My name is Ralph Squillace, and I’m a programming writer for the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) — code named “Indigo”. I’m starting up a blog because the turnaround time for developer documentation is currently too long; I have sample code and documentation for the bits currently on MSDN but this information won’t release…